Lying supine on the ground like a corpse is Savasana. Savasana wards off fatigue and brings mental repose.

This Asana is supposed to be selaxative Asana. This is very useful in removing the fatigue created due to the practice of other Asanas.

Technique :-
  1. Lie straight on your back with ease.

  2. Make distance of about one and half feet between legs.

  3. Place hands straight on the ground at the distance of six inches from your body. Palms facing upward, fingers will remain slightly curled, eyes closed.

  4. After maintaining it for sometime, return.
  1. There must not be tension in any part of your body. Release the tension by shaking that part where you are feeling tension.

  2. Loosen your legs and hands completely.

  3. Loosen palms and fingers also.

  4. Concentrate on your breathing pattern. Try to feel and concentrate on warmth while exhaling and on coolness while inhaling, in the nostrils.

  5. If this is not possible in the beginning, then bulge your abdomen as you inhale and carry the abdomen as you inhale and carry the abdomen downward while exhaling and concentrate on this movement of the abdomen.

Benefits and Limitations :-
  1. This Asana is practised soon after the practice of other Asanas, through this, fatigue is removed.

  2. This is very beneficial in high blood pressure, and cardiac diseases.

  3. This Asana is very beneficial for the people suffering from neurosis and fear complexes.

  4. Those who have been forbiden for supine position by doctors due to some reason, should not practice it.

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