Padmasana (Baddha)

Fixing the right foot on the left thigh and the left (foot) on the right thigh, the big toes are to be held by both hands, arms crossing behind the back, the chin to be fixed on the chest, and the tip of the nose to be gazed at. This is known as Padmasana (Baddha) which destroys (all) the diseases of Yogis.

Note:- Generally this Asana is called Baddha-Padmassi.

Technique :-
  1. Sit erect, stretch both the legs together, hands by the side, palms resting on the ground, fingers together pointing forward.

  2. Slowly place one leg (right) on the left thigh by holding toes of the leg by left hand and ankle by the right.

  3. Similarly hold the toes of the other leg by right hand and ankle by left.

  4. Now place it well on the right thigh.

  5. Cross both the hands at back like a scissor, hold the big toe of the right leg with right hand and that of left leg with left hand.

  6. Place the chin on the chest making Jugular knotch. Gaze should be nasal, This is baddha-padmasana.

  7. While retrurning back to the original position, straighten your head, release the big toes, keep the hands by the side.

  8. Holding the left leg by ankle remove it from the right thigh and stretch it in front.

  9. Similarly remove the right leg from the left thigh, stretch it and come back to the original position.
Remember :-
  1. It is a further development of simple Padmasana.

  2. Before practising Baddha-Padmasana practise simple Padmasana well.

  3. In the beginning one knee might not remain placed on the ground but by practise it can be achieved.

  4. Keep waist and chest erect.

  5. Gaze at the tip of nose.
Benefits and Limitations :-
  1. This Asana is useful in constipation and improves digestive power.

  2. It helps in keeping the spine erect.

  3. It is beneficial in Arthritis.

  4. Those, feeling trouble in performing this Asana should not force themselves.

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