Holding the ground with both the palms, supporting the (corresponding) sides of the navel by both the elbows and raising oneself like a horizontal stick, in the air, this is called Mayurasana.

Note:-'Mayur' means Peacock in Sanskrit. One has to hold his whole body like a stick on both his elbows, as shown in the picture. We assume the shape of a Peacock hence it is called Mayurasana.

Technique :-
  1. Sit on both your upper scales. Knees should be plitced on the ground.

  2. Stretch out fingers of your hands and place the palms on the ground, fingers will remain stretched pointing backward.

  3. Place elbows gently on either side of the navel.

  4. Slowly stretching both legs together, come little forward very cautiously, and then raise the upper part of the body.

  5. If the upper part of the body is raised up, then straighten your legs also like a stick (horizontal) an keep straight your chest, neck and head also.

  6. Maintain it for sometime then return to the origin position, slowly fold your legs and place the knees on the gorund.

  7. Now raising your hands from the ground sit on the soles.
Remember :-
  1. This is a very important balancing pose.

  2. Full weight of your body remains on navel and it is possible to lose the balance at any moment, hence practise it with care.

  3. Jerk should be avoided at any stage.

  4. If during practice you feel like coughing or sneezing then return and start practising again.
Benefits and Limitations :-
  1. This Asana is a very good measure against visceroptosis and dyspepsia.

  2. It is useful in diabetes also.

  3. Those suffering from cervical spondilitis should not practise it.

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