Let the lower part of the body from the toes upto the navel touch the ground. Place the palms on the ground and raise the head like a cobra.

Note :- In Sanskrit Bhujanga means Cobra. The final position of this Asana resembles the 'Hooded Snake' hence, it is called Bhujangasana.

Technique :-
  1. Take prone lying position, legs together, toes together, pointing outward, hands by the side of the body, fingers together palm facing upward and forehead resting on the

  2. Fold hands at the elbows, place palms on the ground near each side of the shoulder, thumb should be under the armpit.

  3. Bring chin forward and place it on the ground. Gaze in front.

  4. Raise chin and turn head backward as much as possible. Raise the thorax turning supine backward upto the navel. Do not raise navel.

  5. Maintain the posture for sometime. Then slowly bring your body on the ground, starting form upper part of the navel region, thorax shoulder, chin and lastly place the forehead on the ground.

  6. Now, relax your hands and place them by the either side of the thighs.
Remember :-
  1. Fingers of the hands must remain together.

  2. Do not give jerk to raise your body.

  3. Navel or lower part of the navel must not ne raised.

  4. Put minimum weight on hands. Divideweight on spine and arms.

  5. While in final position, the thumb should touch the chest near armpit.

  6. In the beginning weight can remain on hands.

  7. While coming back some persons bend their head first but it should be avoided. The part of the body which leaves the ground first will return to the ground last.
Benefits and Limitations :-
  1. This effects the muscles of the body.

  2. As Swami Kuvalayanandaji has said, "It is beneficial in flatulence after meals.

  3. It is more effective for Asthma, Dyspepsia and Vata diseases and helps in keeping the spine flexible.

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